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Getting students to and from school and to field trips, sporting events and other activities is an important function of Warren County Public Schools, and it is one the district does very well. In fact, the Warren County Public Schools district was recognized for exemplary management in transportation under the Kentucky Board of Education Exemplary District Partnership Program in 1998-99. In order to receive the award, the district had to excel in the areas of accurate record-keeping, safety and shop operations.

The Transportation Department's commitment to excellence was rewarded again in 2004, when WCPS employees received State Driver Trainer of the Year and Head Technician of the Year awards.

With an annual budget of over $5 million, the transportation department makes up a big part of the district's total budget. The district operates over 200 buses, which travel approximately 13,000 miles each day during the school year. More than 8,000 students are transported each day. Despite those numbers, Warren County continues to have an enviable safety record. During the 2007-2008 school years, Warren County Public Schools buses traveled approximately 2.6 million injury free miles.

Not resting on those laurels, the school district is taking steps to enhance its transportation program. A 2003 addition to the district's bus garage has improved the ability to do regular maintenance on the buses, thus improving safety. In addition, training for drivers and bus monitors continues to be enhanced.

John Odom

Transportation Director


It is the mission of the transportation department to provide sound transportation practices in order to maximize all available resources and to effectively utilize these resources in a collaborative, learner-centered, performance-based and data-driven manner so that the district can provide an environment that is safe and conductive to teaching and learning.

Ms. Edie Lowe, Special Needs Driver of the Year

Kentucky Association Pupil Transportation Directors 

Mr. Mike London, Driver of the Year

Kentucky Association Pupil Transportation Directors